“Better”. What a Marvelous Word!

Better – having higher standard of quality or efficiency than of prior status or in comparison to another.

Notice that there is no requirement of being best in order to meet the criteria of being better? Isn’t that a wonderful thing? It is an especially awesome concept when concerning an article or person compared only to its own prior status.  One can be better without having to be best. There is no pressure. There is no possibility of not meeting the mark as long as there is simply improvement.

To achieve the goal of being better, one needs do nothing more than learn. For each time we open our minds to receive more knowledge, more exposure, and more experience we become better. We increase our awareness, our abilities, and our potential to be a positive contributor to the world are around us. This happens without having to have learned it all or having to be the best at what we learned. We are better for having simply learned.

Yesterday, you knew what you knew. Today, you can learn more; know more.

Today, we can all be better!

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