About & Contact

Greetings and welcome to my blog!

My name is Christi and I am so very glad you are here!

Who am I?

I am a 49 year old woman, living in Midland, Michigan, and trying to get my shit together!

To summarize:

2 grown children. My son (27) lives in Oklahoma and is fast becoming a man any woman would be blessed to have and of whom his Momma is very proud. my daughter (28) lives in Michigan and is my best friend. She is the strongest person I know and one of the most caring, loyal, and supportive friends a girl could have!

A few marriages and more than a few boyfriends behind me. But, that is changing fast as I  have found a truly good and supportive man who isn’t perfect, by far, but knows I am not either!

In 2008, I was hit with back and hip pain. Over the course of those next 6 years, I was diagnosed with a myriad of problems to include bursitis in both hips and a shoulder, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, scoliosis, and peripheral neuropathy from the waist down. I accumulated medications to a point of 6 different meds/day. I had to quit my job, hired terrible lawyers for my S.S. application, lost my house, my car & motorcycle, and most of my joy about much of anything.

But, if you read my first post, on May 3rd, 2017, you know that there was a major shift in my little universe!

Now, I have been off all meds, even Ibuprofen, for almost 5 months. I can make my own bed, again, and I can walk just over a hundred feet without having to stop! My body doesn’t ache and I can sleep for more than an hour at a time.

I have changed my eating and exercise habits. I am changing my mindset toward being a happy and positive person who knows joy in my life. All this is, of course, taken in baby-steps and is and always will be work in progress.

This blog is to for you; in hopes that what has helped me will help another.

This blog is for me; to help motivate me and keep me focused and, hopefully, feel that what I have learned and am learning is a gift that I can give to others.