I Found The “Secret”



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People who accomplish their dreams and deepest desires have found the secret to living. They have learned how to create uniquely compelling ways to capture their essence and package it in a manner that brings others and themselves lasting value. 

So what is this secret to which I am referring?

First, there is not any other person like you and it is out of your individuality that you are able to create experiences that add value, meaning and life to others. 

Secondly, take time to celebrate who you are—the phenomenal person you are. Accept that reality once and for all.

Thirdly, do not allow limiting situations and circumstances to derail the life you were meant to live. Do not allow people and their limiting beliefs to cast a shadow of confusion, doubt, uncertainty and indecision over your life. 

Fourthly, embrace…

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“Better”. What a Marvelous Word!

Better – having higher standard of quality or efficiency than of prior status or in comparison to another.

Notice that there is no requirement of being best in order to meet the criteria of being better? Isn’t that a wonderful thing? It is an especially awesome concept when concerning an article or person compared only to its own prior status.  One can be better without having to be best. There is no pressure. There is no possibility of not meeting the mark as long as there is simply improvement.

To achieve the goal of being better, one needs do nothing more than learn. For each time we open our minds to receive more knowledge, more exposure, and more experience we become better. We increase our awareness, our abilities, and our potential to be a positive contributor to the world are around us. This happens without having to have learned it all or having to be the best at what we learned. We are better for having simply learned.

Yesterday, you knew what you knew. Today, you can learn more; know more.

Today, we can all be better!

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Meditation. Anti-Meditation.

May 6th, 2017

Well, seems life decided that my idea of “My Path” needed yet another sharp curve.

I will be moving. I hate moving. If feels like I was just getting settled! Okay, I can handle this. It wasn’t quite what I envisioned as part of all the changes I would be experiencing as part of this grand decision to change my life; not anytime soon, anyway.  But, I wanted (needed) change and, Boy, am I getting it!

Deep breath. I am simply going to embrace the ideal that things happen for a reason. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will embrace that ideal.

Today, I am going to procrastinate and use this time to settle myself, my thoughts, and emotions. Today, I decided to focus on a project…or a few projects.

So, this is one of the little things I threw myself into, today.

IMG_20170506_123512 Pen & colored pencils

There are a lot of extremely talented artists, out there. I am not one of them 🙂

But, that is okay. Because I didn’t do it for any other reason than to focus my mind. Or, maybe better stated: to “un-focus” my mind.

I use meditation to practice learning how to control the focus of my mind and its thoughts which, in turn, will give me better control of my emotions and how I react to them. However, I use art, crafts, music (and, I admit it: CSI and Criminal Minds) as  distractions when my mind will not leave something alone that I do not want or am not ready to think or worry about, at that time. It may seem funny, but I don’t look at it as simply choosing to focus on other things. I look at it as not focusing on certain things. I believe, for me, that is more pointed and a goal that is easier to zero in on. So, if I use meditation to focus, this could be looked at as “anti-meditation” to un-focus?

As for moving: it is a good thing and for a good reason. So, I am grateful that I am not having to move due to an illness of myself or a loved one or due to a loss of one sort or another.

I am grateful. I just wasn’t expecting this and can have no real idea of how this may influence all my grand plans; over which we all know I have complete control, right? Yeah, right!

It really didn’t ever cross my mind that I knew how everything would pay out or that I had complete control. I just didn’t realize how much not-in-control I was or how true it is that we can never really be prepared for everything.

I will get boxes and begin to tackle the chore of re-locating, tomorrow. Tomorrow; I know that I won’t actually have anymore control, tomorrow. But, maybe, hopefully, I won’t I feel not quite so not-in-control.

My Lifestyle Speaks-

May 5th, 2017

What Does Your Lifestyle Say About Me?

Ideally, I would choose to answer this question at a later time, as my “Lifestyle” is in transition. But, the question is here and now.

I am like most people, I suppose, in that I would like to believe that, when someone looks at me, they see an awesomely put-together woman who is organized and efficient while still being able to care and be involved and who never misses a beat in keeping her home and family happy and healthy.

Oh, well. I gave up on that a long time ago because I realized that’s not who I really and not who I am supposed to be. I am trying, sometimes desperately, to re-align my lifestyle and my habits towards becoming the person I was meant to be.

At present, in my most honest consideration, I think my lifestyle states that I am a person who is caring of her health, the health of others, and the health of the world. This is what I see when I look at all the non-toxic and/or biodegradable house cleaning and personal care items under my sinks, empty packaging in the recycle bin that bears the words “Non GMO” and “Organic”, and the fresh veggies in my pantry that came from my local farmers and local “Mom &Pop” grocery store.

I still have trouble saying “No.” to people and still have an even bigger struggle with resentment for those who would make that difficult or make me feel guilty for doing so. But, I hope that the positive and intellectual people with whom I happily spend my time and the cultural and educational places where at I choose to spend my time speak to the fact that I am intentional in avoiding negativity and cultivating growth and awareness.

My lifestyle does, I have no doubt, show that I am respectful and considerate and, as I am told, have a very tolerant attitude towards the “Lifestyle” of others. I hold the door for strangers, offer help where I can, always make effort to accommodate different cultural or religious needs and/or beliefs, and I do not get upset by and/or involved in the bad behavior that seems to run rampant on our streets during rush hour.

Nope, I’m not that oh-so-put-together woman. I still do not know where my car keys are half the time, usually manage to get down to “Commando” status before getting laundry done, and have been using a broken coffeepot for weeks because I always forget that when I go shopping.

But, I can honestly say, whether I am correct or not, that I truly believe my Life-style says that I am just, basically, a good person trying to be a better person. I can more than live with that!

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Journaling & Gratitude

May 4th, 2017

My daughter bought me a brand new journal. Actually, a blank “book” that could be used for anything. She gifted it to me, 2 days ago, along with a bunch of random stickers.

“Here, Mom,”, she said, “thought this might help on your new journey.”

My heart melted. My girl, who isn’t a girl, anymore, but a 28 year old dynamo, is one of the most wonderfully supportive and inspiring people that I so am blessed to have in my life!

So, you notice that I mentioned she gave this to me 2 days ago, right? Yeah….it has been sitting on my desk; its glorious white and tan pages acting like an empty canvas just awaiting my wonderful creation. And for me to mess it up.

I hadn’t touched it because I didn’t want to do something to it that I would regret later; like cover it in shaky lined rainbows and happy faces. While that is cute and appropriate for some personalities, the majority of the time I am, definitely not a rainbow person. But, I have learned from experience not to be rash in my actions with stuff like that because my perspective and what I may be feeling at any given moment, may be me just “playing dress up” as I call it. Did you ever dress up in your Mom’s clothes? Or put on an outrageous hat or something, just because it was the mood you were in? well, I some-times do that with my personality.

I know it may sound strange, but hear (or read) me out. I do not see it as any kind of disorder or emotional/psychological cry for help. Rather, I choose to see it as my being multifaceted!

There are parts of me that are still a kid who enjoys coloring books and crayons, a daredevil who wants to ride fast and upside down carnival rides, a flower-child who loves the feel of a peasant skirt, wooden beads, and just wants to sit on the beach or under a tree all day, a rebel who wants to throw on my leather jacket on hop on the motorcycle, and a got-it-together modern woman in a silk shirt, skirt, and heels. As you can imagine, my closet looks like I have 4 or 5 roommates. I always wondered what a CSI or Behavior Analysis Team would think were I ever a murder victim. What would my “stuff” tell them about me?

Anyway, I digress. Back to the journal! So, now that you have glimpsed a few of my other sides, you can understand my hesitance to simply just start going at claiming and marking/decorating the journal as my own with some theme or another that, tomorrow, I would regret.

So, what to choose? How to choose? Go with the side of me that is predominant or with the side of me that is happier and more positive (working towards that being one and the same, thank you)?

This is what I did-


It is simple and neutral. But, what you can’t really see, in the pic, is that the little sticker, in the center says “FOLLOW YOUR HEART”. I have decide that it is perfect! Whatever mood, facet, or personality is influencing what I write, at any given time, it is all okay and appropriate, as long as I am being true to myself.

I know that is a good rule to live by no matter what the circumstances. If only it were as easy to do so and as welcomed, out in the real world, as it is in the safe and secure pages of my journal.

The Chosen Path

I have, over 49 years, walked many paths.

And I have, over 49 years, left the path more than once to wander around, aimlessly, in the woods.  For the last few years, my feelings of being unfulfilled became more unsettling and my thoughts of how much time I had wasted were becoming more of a a quilt trip than any kind of motivation.

Last year, I had an epiphany! Well, it was an epiphany for me any way. I realized that, as long as I kept doing what I was doing, I was just going to keep feeling the way I was feeling. Now, understand, I have had that thought before. But, this time was different, because I didn’t just haul off and move somewhere new, get a new job, or dye my hair thinking that any of that was the way to “re-invent” myself. This time, I looked really hard at exactly was happening (and not happening) in my life and traced the causes back to the responsible party….yep, it was me. Imagine that. But, not any one thing. It was my ability to rationalize and excuse most anyone’s flaws and shortcomings except my own, of course, it was my looking at others for my self-worth, it was over-compensating for low self-esteem, and it was all the little, daily, habits that come with that mindset. It was those habits that formed the mortar for my fortress of chaos and denial. To begin with, I was eating for comfort and I was sleeping far too much for someone to ever be as tired as I always was. Those two factors combined to give me apt reason to avoid any real physical activity that would help my condition (see ABOUT section), no motivation to take care of my appearance, and no true feelings of self-love to inspire doing anything to feel better.

I was a tad shocked. Could it be that easy? If I attacked the foundation, can I bring down the fortress of misery with walls fortified by my repeated Kamikaze behavior?

Photo is not my creation and credited to Muriel Blanc, whose name appears on it, but whom I could not contact.IMG_3551088438280

The answer was a resounding “YES”! Not as simple as that, but as simple as that. So, little by little, I am changing my diet and eating habits, through meditation I am learning to calm and focus the thoughts and feelings, I am using yoga to regain my physical abilities, I am using vitamins and supplements to replace medications and reinforce my diet, and I am learning to love myself, through the love of my family and a lot of help from people who have been in my shoes!

Now that I have a bit of sure footing under me, I am inviting you to share in my journey.