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Natural Supplement: Lithium

May 4th, 2017

Early last year, I started out like most women; realizing that I wasn’t 20 anymore and that now my body needed help doing what it used to be able to do all by itself. So, I bought the women’s vitamin (for women of a certain age, of course), some soluble fiber, and some B12. Okay, 6 months later and no real difference, so I told myself that the differences were those of a nature not usually noticeable and that I was not, absolutely not, wasting my money on a lost cause. But, my denial wasn’t helping with any of my problems.

I still had trouble sleeping and, at that point, the new addition of hot-flashes did not help. I was still so tired I needed a nap every afternoon, my digestive system had no schedule what-so-ever (if you know what I mean) and my body was sore and stiff every morning. What I hate to admit is that, in my vain little head, the worst of it all was the fact that I had aged very prematurely and I felt like my face looked like an old handkerchief that someone had wadded up and just thrown into a drawer…years ago!

So, this past February, I dived into the world of natural supplements. So many years spent on all that medication, with all the side-effects, has left me being a person who does not just start popping stuff into my mouth without knowing what it is, what it does, and what the dangers may be. That said, I did my research and was very strategic (admit that cost was no small consideration, too).

I have cut a few out of my original list and made some dosage changes, but haven’t added any. Today, I am taking 12 natural supplements. I have been taking them for 3 months. I will share them, one at a time with you, along with the reason I take them, what I feel they are accomplishing my desired results, and any ill-effects (which, there aren’t any, really, or I would have stopped taking them!)

**I will make the following statement for as long as it remains true-

“I am not a Doctor, Nutritionist, or Dietitian. I do not recommend any form of application, procedure, or process as a cure or prevention of any illness or disease. I can only speak of my own, personal, experience and advise that you consult a doctor for treatment or prevention of any illness or disease. Lastly, I am not a compensated advertiser and will not name any specific brand of any product unless it is the product that I use and, then, will do so only for information purposes, not as an endorsement of any kind.”-Chris B.-Sorta Zen

Ugg…that said; let me introduce you to LITHIUM ORATATE!

You may be familiar with the word “Lithium” as a prescribed pharmaceutical for Depression, Bi-polar Disorder, and other emotional/psychological treatment. However, that is Lithium Carbonate and not to be confused with Lithium Oratate.

Lithium Oratate was known and used by the Ancient Greeks as a natural mineral in baths that helped ease stress. It is know to aid in the relief of migraines, Alzheimer’s, shock, alcoholism, depression, and anxiety.

But, pharmaceutical companies can not patent a natural mineral, so they changed the molecular structure and renamed it: Lithium Carbonate. However, when we mess with Mother Nature, we may think we are getting what we want, but it usually ends badly. Did Dr. Frankenstein,The Island of Dr. Moreau, and The Fly teach us nothing????

The side-effects of Lithium Carbonate are well documented and easily researched and, gratefully, are not a product of Lithium Oratate. Very few adverse side-effects have been reported. There is, also,  a much reduced possibility of  the build up of toxic levels in the system as Lithium Oratate is effective in much, much, lower dosages that are more bio-available and more easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

My experience with Lithium Oratate:

As I stated, I have been taking this for 3 months. I take 8 mg/daily (4 mg after breakfast and 4 mg after dinner). The brand I use is made in the U.S. and uses no artificial fillers.

I have had no noticeable negative side-effects-none.

This is not a “happy Pill”, as one may perceive it. There is no immediate change in one’s mood or disposition. Sorry, no dancing unicorns. So, if you are looking for an instant “Make me feel better pill!”, this isn’t it.

But, and this is a big BUT, I have noticed a reduced occurrence of mood-swings. There is a more stable balance in my emotions and it takes more to upset my little apple cart now than just spilling my coffee and misplacing my cell phone. I have also noticed that I am quicker to acknowledge the negative, but then put it aside, very happy to return to my more positive outlook. I noticed all that, most pointedly, when I was dealing with a very stressful situation and I felt like crying, but didn’t. I only felt like I should (like the trigger of a usual coping response?) and then I realized that I only felt like I should, but didn’t really need to. I was like, “Okay, that is an interesting development. How cool is that!?!” I just picked myself up, shook it off, and got back to living.

I don’t know about you, my friends, but that makes that little white pill more than worth the investment!

By the way, just so you know, my complete 12 vitamin, mineral,  and herbal supplement regiment cost me an average of $36.00 a month. I say “average” because some of them come in 1, 2, or even 3 month supplies. A lot of people spend more than that on just one bottle of anti-depressants! By the time I have posted info about all 12 of my choices, it will be very easy to see how much more benefit I am getting for my overall wellness for that little bit of money! Yeah, I am a bit proud of myself. That’s okay because, you will see, it is justified!

I hope this helps inspire you to look into the natural resources that are available! Again, do your research! I do advise keeping a journal of what you take, when, how much, and any side-effects and, as always, use due diligence and consult your Doctor as one never knows how anything could react with any condition you may have or medication you may already be on!







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